iOT365 Features

iOT365 OT cyber protection SAAS platform with Game-Changing Features

Plug-And-Play F A S T Deployment

iOT365 unique small size and robust sensors or VM installation enable the deployment of our solution in a few hours and don’t require the complex appliances and integrator’s HR involvement.

iOT365 solutions
  • Scalability
  • Distributed iOT365 architecture offers improved scalability
  • Security
  • uploading by unidirectionaldiode
  • Improved reliability
  • It eliminates central points of failure and bottlenecks.
  • Load balancing enabling

iOT365 patented agentless SIEM enables getting data from Nvidia ML threat detection engine and to proceed false positives removing, OT data aggregation, logs analysis, AI-Gen Playbooks, and reporting for OT/SOC teams

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