The First AI-Driven SaaS OT-Dedicated Protection in One Platform.

Revolutionizing OT Security




iOT365 unique small size and robust sensors or VM installation enable the deployment of our solution in a few hours and don’t require the complex appliances and integrator’s HR involvement.





Scalability: Distributed iOT365 architecture offers improved scalability
Security: Uploads by  unidirectional diode
Improved reliability: Flat topology eliminates central points of failure and bottlenecks.
Load balancing enabled



Agentless SIEM

iOT365 patented agentless SIEM enables getting data from Nvidia ML threat detection engine and to process false positives removing, OT data aggregation, logs analysis, AI-Gen Playbooks, and reporting for OT/SOC teams.


Welcome to iOT365, the pioneering SaaS solution in Operational Technology security. Our state-of-the-art, agentless IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) platform is specifically designed to safeguard critical infrastructure from emerging cyber threats.

Integrating iOT365 with your network is a streamlined process where the system will undertake various crucial tasks.

Firstly, the system will effectively filter and sort necessary OT/ICS/IoT traffic, ensuring that only relevant data is transmitted. It will then seamlessly send this data to a centralized collector. The system further works to normalize and prepare the data.

Leveraging the power of ML and NVIDIA AI , iOT365 is capable of detecting threats and anomalies in the data, providing an extra layer of security. Additionally, the system correlates events with one another, making it easier to identify incidents.

Lastly, iOT365 classifies incidents with the help of AI, enabling swift identification and resolution of any issues that arise and filtering false positives events.


iOT365 is a versatile solution that enables your industry to have visibility in areas you have never been able to secure, providing peace of mind to the mission. 

Oil and Gas

PLCs, HMIs, SCADA, Gas Leakage sytem, oil sensors, pumping engine controllers, preventive maintenance equipment
The oil and gas industry faces a myriad of cybersecurity threats that can have severe consequences on both operations and safety. Ranging from malware and ransomware attacks targeting critical systems to phishing schemes exploiting human vulnerabilities, the sector is constantly at risk. Insider threats, supply chain vulnerabilities, and the potential for nation-state cyberattacks further compound the challenges.


PLCs, HMIs, SCADA, Asset tracking devices, CCTV cameras, Machine vision sensors, Smart sensors
The manufacturing industry confronts a spectrum of cybersecurity threats that pose serious risks to its operations and intellectual property. Malware and ransomware attacks can disrupt production processes, leading to financial losses and operational downtime. Phishing and social engineering tactics target employees, potentially compromising sensitive data.

Water Utilities

PLCs, HMIs, SCADA, many kinds of water sensors, pressure controllers
Cyber attacks on water utilities pose a grave threat to public safety and infrastructure. Malevolent actors can manipulate control systems, disrupting water supply and treatment processes. Securing these critical systems is imperative to safeguard communities from potential health crises and ensure uninterrupted access to clean water.

Smart City

CCTV cameras, Smart traffic lights, Parking meters, Smart waste systems, Air quality sensors
Smart city cyber attacks threaten interconnected systems, spanning traffic management to energy grids, compromising public safety and disrupting vital services. Ensuring the resilient operation of these intricate urban ecosystems necessitates robust cybersecurity measures.

Banking Sector

​CCTV cams, ATMs, employee card readers, queue terminals, and printers
Cyber attacks on the banking sector pose a severe risk, targeting financial transactions and customer data. Breaches can lead to financial losses, identity theft, and erode public trust. Implementing rigorous cybersecurity measures is essential for safeguarding the integrity of financial institutions.

Retail Sector

Payment terminals, Point of Sale, CCTV cams, and bar code readers with the network interface
In the retail sector, cyber attacks target customer data and payment systems, posing a significant threat to consumer privacy and financial security. Robust cybersecurity defenses are imperative to protect sensitive information and maintain trust in retail operations.

Electrical Grid

PLCs, HMIs, Substations, and Smart Meters
In today's world, electrical grids are vital for powering industries and homes. However, they face growing threats, especially from cyberattacks as operational technology integrates with digital networks. Protecting against these risks is crucial for ensuring the stability and security of our energy infrastructure as it evolves to meet changing demands and technology.


Check-in terminals, passport control terminals, flight monitoring systems
Cyber attacks on airports can compromise air traffic control systems, baggage handling, and passenger data, posing serious threats to safety and operational efficiency. Robust cybersecurity measures are vital to protect critical aviation infrastructure and ensure secure, uninterrupted travel.


IoT medical devices, CCTV cams, employee card readers, queue terminals
Cyber attacks on healthcare systems target patient data and disrupt critical medical services, jeopardizing lives and compromising confidentiality. Implementing robust cybersecurity is imperative to safeguard sensitive health information and ensure uninterrupted healthcare delivery.
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